måndag 4 februari 2013

Valentine Heart

I`ve tested a pattern for Juliet at Tartankiwi. It`s a foundation paper pieced block called Concentric Heart Pattern.
The fabric in the middle of the heart is called Poppy something, it`s a favourite fabric for me, bought perhaps 2 years ago but I don`t know the designer. Anyone else who knows?
I think it turned out great and would be perfect for a Valentine gift. I`m not sure though what to make of the block yet.
 Check out the other testers block, Angelas beautiful heart here, and ChrissieD`s stunning heart here.
Be sure to check out the free pattern!

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Val Spiers sa...

I couldn't find Angela's heart at the link you gave. The other link was OK. I think your heart is better.
Since you are with blogger you can change to use your google plus profile on your blog instead of your blogger profile. I think ther is a click here to update type thing at the top of the blogger dashboard. You just need to update your google plus profile to suit your blog. Once you have done this when you publish a post it asks if you want to share it with a google plus circle as well.
Keep playing there is lots to try.

made by ChrissieD sa...

Thanks for the shout out, I think we all did a great job with Juliet's heart pattern but it's not that hard to is it when she creates such great designs? :)

Tant Kofta - Lotta Blom sa...

Du har vunnit ett sjalmönster i mitt sjaltävling.
Hör av dig till hej @tantkofta.se så berättar jag mer.