tisdag 9 augusti 2016

It's a baby boy!

On Friday I became a Mommo to sweet baby boy Ossian, 50 cm and 3160g! Congrats to his parents my DD Emmeline and her partner Martin!

After that I didn't feel like doing much but in the evening I joined Cheryll for the FNwF and finished a cosmetic bag for Hanna who celebrated her birthday on Saturday, a month early because she is going back for her third year at college in the US next week.

The photo shows front and back of the bag.

OK, just one more to show you how happy I am!

måndag 1 augusti 2016

I feel sorry

for this neglected blog, it's been a month since my last post, and when I've finished this it'll be a new month.
I thought I would have been a Nana by now, let's just say that we're all excited and expecting the baby to come any time now!!
The only things I've finished is a pencil case for Nelly's birthday, she'll be in 2nd grade when school starts again.
And I've made a pair of potholders for another birthday, but it's still a secret.
I've been test knitting a pair of socks for AlpakkaAnna, a very well written pattern as always.
It's called Morötter/Carrots
My Daughters friends through a Baby shower for her, My very first,
and they made a plaster cast of her belly and we had a cake in the shape of a belly with 2 big boobs.
We had a very nice time! :)
I gifted her this small, very small, cardigan for the baby.
Well, That was my month I'll try to check in a bit more frequently next month!

torsdag 30 juni 2016

Not very much happening

I have knit a short cardi for a friend, she's going to wear it on her grand daughters wedding. I hope she'll like it.

And I've made a small see through bag, it's measuring 4,5"x7" a good size to keep some smaller notions.

We've had a bit of a warm summer, even if this week is a rainy and colder one. The warm weather has been good for my roses. Here is a photo of my Mme Plantier, she smells divine!
Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month and FNwF over at Cheryll's, go check out who's joining or if you want to join in yourself.

onsdag 1 juni 2016

Scrappy pouch swap

I made this pouch for Diane in Australia for a swap and she seemed very pleased with it
and these are the two beautiful pouches I received from Diane, Thank you very much!

This is what the mystery quilt looks like, I'm going to put two borders on too
I like it so far!

lördag 21 maj 2016


Thanks Wendy for hosting yet another FNSI. To see what everyone else was doing, go HERE.
I was sewing badges onto my boys leather vests for a starter
and then I was cutting some fabric for tomorrow because I'm going to be sewing a mystery quilt at Tygtrollet.
I'm not sure if I'll use the white or the creme fabric, I'll wait til tomorrow to decide.

fredag 20 maj 2016


I've had a nasty virus with a very bad coughing, so I have had no energy at all. No blogging and I haven't read any blogs either so have a lot to catch up on.

But last weekend I went with friends to Jylland, Denmark and had the best of trips for a long time!  And now I hope the mojo is back.
The first thing we did in Denmark was to go up to "Grenen" it's up in the north where the two oceans Skagerakk and Kattegatt meets.
We were staying at a hotel in Aalborg and the next day we visited Garnudsalg, a very nice yarnshop.
and yes we all found some treasures
A lot of bags in the trunk!
And a pic of when we got back to Gothenburg by boat.

So now when I've got my mojo back I've signed up for the FNSI with Wendy and the other girls.

Before I end I want to show my blossoming plum tree.

torsdag 31 mars 2016

A happy boy!

This boy turned 4 and got his first quilt.
The first thing he did was chewing on the dinosaurs.
he does look happy, doesn't he!
This DBGK (Dear Bonus Grand Kid) of mine is going to be a big brother. Yes, I'm going to be a Nanna, a Mormor in swedish and in my family we say Mommo!
It's the first time I'm in it from the start, my DBGK I have known since he was a year and a half.
I'm going to be a Mommo in July! Can you tell I'm happy or what!

måndag 28 mars 2016


Friday Night Sew In or Easter Weekend affair as Wendy decided to name it this month. Thanks Wendy for hosting.
Friday I worked on the 2 blocks for Anne-Mette the Queen bee this month.

For the rest of the weekend I've been working on my knitting
and watching the equestrian world cup finals on tv
I even had a visitor staying overnight since my DD was working
She usually looks a bit happier but she's chewing on a treat and doesn't really want to look my way.

And now Easter is over, I hope you've had a great weekend!

tisdag 1 mars 2016

Leap day 2016

A whole extra day, how good does that sound. Well I'm down with a cold and haven't been doing much at all.
I have joined in on OPAM this year also, and this is what I've accomplished so far.
13 pairs of mittens, here's a pic of some of them.
And two quilts that was actually finished last year but here I go showing them off.
the first one is a mystery quilt from Tyger & Ting. It's really hard to  pick the fabric when you don't know what the finished quilt will look like! I like it a lot so sometimes it's good to not be too controlling.

The second one is a Modern Millie Quilt from the book Contemporary Curved Quilts by Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson from Sew Kind of Wonderful.
Most of the darker blue fabrics I've had for quite a few years and I think it turned out great in this. Actually I Love it!
Do you want to see the lovely backside - leading question I know.
That's a great start to the year even if there wasn't a lot of action on leap day, at least not from my side.

tisdag 23 februari 2016

Friday Night Sew In

Friday night I joined Wendy for the FNSI. Thanks Wendy for hosting us all, lovely as always!
The only time spent playing with fabric was when I pulled out these for the Queen Bee for February.
I will turn them into x and + blocks, perhaps I will have some time for that tomorrow.
The rest of the Friday night I spent knitting, it's a shawl "Herbarium" I'm test knitting for @eddysinstagram on IG.
Earlier in the week I was taught how to turn a book into this.


måndag 25 januari 2016

Friday night

Yes Friday night it was time for the first FNSI of the year. I were stitching along with 53 others from all over the world. Thanks Wendy for hosting!
I'm in a scandibeehive2 on Instagram and made a Slab for Maria since she's the queen bee in January. Today I'll continue with the second one in low volume fabrics.

torsdag 31 december 2015

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

In this swap organised by the lovely Chooky I was partnered with Kate and when I got the parcels from her I was allowed to open the ornament, just look at this cute rein deer!
Let me introduce Rudolf, you can see him hanging in the tree HERE
On Christmas day I could open the main gift, Oh, inside was this beautiful wall hanger!
Thank you very much Kate, I love it! And Thank you also to Chooky for organising another great swap!

In this swap I sent to Cheryll, and here is the ornament I made for her, a Snowman
And the main gift, a Wall hanger with snowmen