onsdag 9 augusti 2017


Last Friday i joined Cheryll for Friday Night with Friends. I can't remember last time I joined in. It is fun to craft with people from all over the world through the cyber. Thanks Cheryll for hosting!
I finished this baby dress wich took me all night, and on Sunday I gave it away to my niece who will have a baby girl in September. The pattern is from Knitting for Olive. A very sweet dress and the pattern is so well written.
And Saturday we celebrated my DGS first birthday, here he is munching away on his cake. He seems like being in his own world, really enjoying it.

6 kommentarer:

I am sa...

Hi Carin oh the little dress is so very cute,well done my friend and happy birthday to your little man xx

Janet sa...

The dress is a beauty! I couldn't get the video to play but I can imagine how cute he is. :) Hope his birthday was wonderful.

Maria sa...

Such a pretty knitted dress 👗
WOW 1 already sadly I also can't play the video.

Ellie Mork sa...

Beautiful little dress, a talented stitcher. :)

phann son sa...

Beautiful shawl and socks.. a stunning sunset

Kurniati Barca sa...

Ayam Bangkok