måndag 6 maj 2013

Friday Night with Friends - May

I didn't get as much time at my sewing machine as I had planned, and I "blame" it all on the SUN.
If you've read here before I'm longing for the sun almost all the time. And after this winter I really do. For the last couple of weeks we've actually have had quite much sun but there's also been a strong and cold wind so it hasn't been very pleasant outside.
But on friday it was! No wind and actually quite warm, so I sat outside quite late crocheting.
Later in the evening I did finish a bag for a friend's birthday.
It looks as if they are a theme for me right now because it's the third I've done so far.
Here is the second for another friend.
I've also finished the second pair of socks in the same yarn as before, but they don't look quite the same as the previous pair.

And I have to show you a spectacular sunset from last week.

7 kommentarer:

Liv Aagot Syse sa...

Flotte og fargerike sminkepunger og sokker ! Skjønner at du har hatt det samme været som her. Ønsker deg en varm og fin mai måned :)

Ullfull sa...

En är min, fantastisk fin!! Tack än en gång!!/Kram Anita

Anonym sa...

love those socks and your bag is very cute ,well done on your beautiful finishes.xx

Sooli sa...

You're looking for the sun and I'm looking for the winter here! Still sunny and a warm 25 degrees, and other than one rainy day, dry as dry! Great work on the bags and the socks!

Cheryll sa...

Love your socks... and the colours are yummy! :)

made by ChrissieD sa...

I love your quilting on the bag and how you've created her name :)

Helen Marasco sa...

love the bag and socks enjoy the sun !!!