fredag 28 juni 2013

A long way!

You know my give away the other week was won by Sooli. So the package went all the way to Australia!
I did tuck a little pincushion inside the package, so it almost looked like a ball.
It has now arrived at Sooli's house and she did tell me that she likes the owlpincushion. I see now that the photo looks a bit odd, but there it is.

7 kommentarer:

Wendy sa...

such a cute pincushion!

Anonym sa...

that is so cute.xx

Sooli sa...

Isn't it a cute pincushion? I'm so spoilt! Thanks so much again Carin, I'll be sure and share photos of what I make from the layer cake. I have a bit of an idea already, just need some time to make it happen!

Myggan sa...

Så söta ugglor!
Och vilka fina väskor i förra inlägget.
Jag fick några fina rutor med katter av syster yster, får se om jag lyckas åstakomma något användbart.

frisky frog sa...

De där ugglorna är hur söta som helst! =)

Carin@Ullhärvan sa...
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Craftluver Marianna sa...

Love your owl pincushion and love reading your blog! Can you tell me how I can get the pattern of the owl pincushion? I am everyt year in a cx-mas swap with a group of sewing friends and this years theme is pincushions so this one would make a beautiful gift! Thanks in advance for any help! My email is
Quilty Hugs
Marianna from the Netherlands