fredag 28 februari 2014


When I was coming home from work earlier today I closed the car door and it took me a second or two before I realised I had squeezed my thumb in between. Ouch! Tonight it looks even worse and is aching and pounding like h-ll.

I hope it'll be better tomorrow because I'm off to a Knit camp in Vrigstad for the weekend. So I hope I'll be able to hold the knitting needles. Because I'm bringing a lot of different work with me.

Last Friday I joined Wendy in the FNSI and worked on a block for a swap, and did some knitting. There's a lot of knitting going on at the moment. I'm so glad that mojo has come back!

I've finished my Tam, it was so fun to knit. But is a bit too warm at the moment, seems like spring is coming. Yeay!
I've also been test knitting these two childrens hats for a book.
I really like them with the earflaps!
Let's see if I can get some sleep before I'm off to Vrigstad tomorrow!

2 kommentarer:

Helen sa...

That looks so sore, hope it's better when you get up in the morning. Love your hats !!!

Lin sa...

Sorry about the thumb Carin- I did exactly the same thing last November! Hold some ice against it or as I did as I was on the way out to lunch hold it against a cold glass. I love your knitted hats.