fredag 24 oktober 2014

A week, or was it a second

Last Friday I joined Wendy for FNSI, Thanks Wendy for having us all over! I worked on my cross-stitch, in about a month it has to be finished. (help!) Also worked on some squares for the work-shop I'm giving.

This weekend I'm off to a sewing retreat with Sprätthönsen at Fegens vandrarhem.
It's my first time and I'm so looking forward to it!
I'll even try to use my camera so perhaps you'll see some pics next week. Now just to figure out what to bring with me.

Today was a very chilly day at 6 degrees with a nasty wind, otherwise October has been warm and comfortable. Wednesday I was out walking in the woods, before the rain started in the evening, and got some lovely photos.

4 kommentarer:

Sooli sa...

You'll have to get cracking on your cross stitch to finish in time! I love your photos, so different to where I live!

Helen sa...

Beautiful cross stitch enjoy your week end :)

FloS sa...

Your cross-stitch is beautiful !! Hold on!! you will finish it on time !!

Outback Craftaholic sa...

Your cross stitch looks lovely Carin. Hope you manage to finish it in time. Your mini swap gift was gorgeous too.
Cheers, Tracy