måndag 10 november 2014


There was 47 of us gathering over at Cheryll's Friday night. Check out what everyone else was making HERE.
I started in the afternoon and actually finished this toilet case for my DS2 who had his birthday on Friday, but he didn't come home from school until Saturday afternoon because there was an open day for the public on Saturday. The case is made out of his old jeans.
Earlier in the week I gave away 3 scarves I've knitted in a strange pom-pom yarn, to the annual church auction. I hope there will be quite a few that likes and bid a lot at them.

6 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

nice toilet bag you made for your son..

Carin@Ullhärvan sa...

Thanks Maria, for your lovely comment!

Helen sa...

Great toilet bag, and lovely scarves !!

frisky frog sa...

Åh vad dumt att vi inte talade om innan att vi skulle till Göstas. Då kunde du varit med på vårt stickmys. =)
Jeans i olika nyanser är så himla snygg. Håller som bäst på att planera en jeanskappa till "min" 2-åring... eller så blir den i bävernylon.
Hoppas att allt är väl med dig.

Sue G Johnson sa...

I've popped over from FNSI and so glad I did. Great toilet bag and love the scarves!

Anonym sa...

I like the toiletry bag you made for your son - inspired that it's made from his old jeans!