fredag 13 mars 2015

Very late report from FNwF and Vrigstad

Thanks Cheryll for organising us all in FNwF!

I was at a knit retreat in Vrigstad and knitted amongst a lot of other ladies the whole weekend. Very relaxing, just had to be in time for every meal! I already long for the next time. Here's a photo of one corner.

And here's one from Sunday when Vasaloppet was going on and almost everyone was facing the telly.

I started and finished a hat, it feels great on my head but is way to warm to wear in this nice weather we're having at the moment.

And tomorrow I'm leaving for a quilt retreat this weekend.

I sure could get used to this retreat life I think!

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi Carin ,how lovely and i love the hat you made,have fun on your quilting retreat xx

Ullfull sa...

Ha det så bra i helgen! Jag ska ha sydag imorgon!! / Kram

wish2stitch sa...

Think of how much sewing and knitting could be achieved if every weekend was a retreat. Enjoy!

Katherine sa...

Knitting and quilting! You are having a wonderful time!