tisdag 14 april 2015

A bit of this and that!

It's already a month since my retreat in Fegen with Sprätthönsen!
As always I had a wonderful weekend without any cooking just sewing all day long! I worked on my Mystery quilt I started last year and it's now with the quilter.
Åsa had finished hers and it looks completely different in her choice of colours.
I'm already longing for the next time, in October.


I needed a threadcatcher and found a tutorial at Fiona's blog, all nice and easy until it was finished and I couldn't understand why it looked like it did!!
I'm a terrible pattern reader, I had made an octagon instead of an hexagon. Well it turned out alright anyway!


My DD had a birthday so I made her a bucket with the fabric that remained after I had made her the cushions for Christmas.


Don't forget about FNSI coming up this Friday! You can sign up for it HERE!

5 kommentarer:

Ullfull sa...

Så mycket fina saker Du gör! Kram

Helen sa...

Lovely quilt !

Anthea sa...

Your mystery quilt looks wonderful Carin... & the shape of the thread catcher is great, even if it is slightly different!

Kaisievic sa...

Your thread catcher looks great to me, Carin.

Lyn sa...

Lovely quilts ..I like the shape of your threadcatcher..