söndag 9 augusti 2015


My Friday Night with Friends I spent with Cheryll and a Lot of cyber friends! Thank you Cheryll for organising us all!
My Peipponen shawl was blocked and ready and the next one is ready to be blocked!
And tonight I started a new pouch for a friend before I went for a great party at my neighbors. They are Germans celebrating having a summer house in Sweden for 25 years!

8 kommentarer:

Julimond sa...

What a wonderful shawl. Years ago i knitted a lot of them.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Greetings from Germany


frisky frog sa...

Superfin sjal och lapparna ser ut att bli något fint också.
Hoppas att det var roligheter hos grannarna.

Radka sa...

Beautiful shawl! Congratulations :-)
I envy anyone having a summer house in Sweden!

Bev C sa...

Hello Carina,

Such a lot of work in your wonderful shawl. Hope you had a great time at the party.

Happy days.

Maria sa...

WOW ! What a beautiful delicate shawl..
Hope you had a lovely time at the party....

Myggan sa...

Stora kalas är alltid kul. =) Sjalen ser superfin ut.

Josie sa...

Absolutely beautiful shaw Carin. It looks so light and delicate. Hope you had a lovely time at the party. xxx

Marilyn Barber sa...

Your shawl is lovely and very useful.