fredag 20 maj 2016


I've had a nasty virus with a very bad coughing, so I have had no energy at all. No blogging and I haven't read any blogs either so have a lot to catch up on.

But last weekend I went with friends to Jylland, Denmark and had the best of trips for a long time!  And now I hope the mojo is back.
The first thing we did in Denmark was to go up to "Grenen" it's up in the north where the two oceans Skagerakk and Kattegatt meets.
We were staying at a hotel in Aalborg and the next day we visited Garnudsalg, a very nice yarnshop.
and yes we all found some treasures
A lot of bags in the trunk!
And a pic of when we got back to Gothenburg by boat.

So now when I've got my mojo back I've signed up for the FNSI with Wendy and the other girls.

Before I end I want to show my blossoming plum tree.

4 kommentarer:

Helen sa...

Sounds like a wonderful trip !!

Anonym sa...

Hi Carin so glad you are feeling better my friend and what a lovely trip you had :)

Maria sa...

What beautiful place to visit Carin.

Miya Kira sa...

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Thank you