söndag 15 april 2012


Jag ska spela bingo i maj.
Det är 4 bloggerskor som håller i det och allt för att man ska ägna en liten stund varje dag åt sig själv.
De 4 är
Marcia's crafty sewing   Hillbilly Handiworks   Vroomans Quilts  Lily Pad Quilting

This is my bingocardYou could come and play to, you have until april 22 to link up to someone of the above blogs that are doing this fun for us. There is a lot of nice prizes you could win! I'll keep my fingers crossed from now on, hoping that I can sew a button on every day!!.

         B - Yarn, Fish, Crab, Boat, Fishbone

          I - Berries, Polarbear, Sunflower, Chicken, Ghost

         N - Bee, Pins, Free, Poppy, Friends

         G - Cat, Rooster, Turtle, Frog, Gingerbread

         O - Grapes, Dragonfly, Flamingo, Owl, Flower

10 kommentarer:

Vroomans' Quilts sa...

Ok, I am seriously in love with this card - and you used cross stitch for BINGO!! Thank you for joining and linking up.

Quilter Kathy sa...

Great job on your the crab and your stitched letters on the top!

Belinda sa...

I agree with Sharon! The cross stitching it great!!

Miss Hillbilly sa...

This is absolutely wonderful...I knew Sharon would like it. She loves cross stitch! Have fun and good luck to you!

Helen@Till We Quilt Again sa...

I joined Marcia's Linking blog and have come across your site. I have enjoyed reading several of your posts today and look forward to receiving future posts. I just became your 13th Follower. My mom is from Sweden (Varmland). I have been lucky to have been there many times visiting family and friends. My mom (Margareta) is also a quilter and I am going to send her your link as well. She is not into blogging but would enjoy reading your page. In fact the last time we were in Sweden together we purchased some very nice Swedish fabric. I Love It There.


Maria sa...

Your Bingo card is lovely and I really like the cross stitched BINGO.....

Rosemary Dickinson sa...

Saw your blog over at Marcia's New Quilt Blog Linky Party. Love your cross stitch on your Bingo card! I think I'm your newest follower!

make.share.give sa...

I love your little hatching chicks! Nice work.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting sa...

Love your cross stitched letters for the Bingo! Your Bingo Card looks great! Thanks for linking up!
And welcome to the NEW Quilt Blog Linky Party!
Enjoy your day!

Elizabeth sa...

Such a cute bingo card! I love your fabrics! So, so cute! Good luck on getting bingo! And thank you for linking up!

xo -E

P.S. Love the way you did your lettering for the word BINGO.