tisdag 12 juni 2012


Tomorrow is my DS#1's graduation day from high school.
This is what I will hang around his neck.
The pattern could be found here.
I hope the weather will be better and nothing like the last days when it has been raining off and on the whole day long.

I have knitted a new shawl, Euphrosyne.
It was an easy knit and has caught a lot of tears and thoughts. Knitted in Navia Uno, a really soft wool yarn from the Faroe Islands.
I do like it a lot!

June Finishes

3 kommentarer:

Karen M sa...

Congratulations to your son on his graduation. That is a milestone. Your shawl is beautiful. I hope every time you use it you will feel wrapped in love.

Sue B sa...

Congratulations to your son. The shawl is amazing, such fine work. beautiful

Elizabeth sa...

The little graduation bear is darling! And your shawl is gorgeous! I love the pattern. I'll bet you get lots of compliments. Great finish! Thank you for linking up!

xo -E