lördag 9 juni 2012

My brother!

In the beginning of May I lost my brother Johan in an accident. And it feels like the world is going under. He had just turned 47 and was my only sibling. All the memories from growing up together was just ours, there's no one else to share them with any longer.
The sadness is overwhelming, for my sister in law and their two children, my parents, me and my children.

Do take care about each other, and take  the time to do those things you're always talking about.

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Musicwoman sa...

Dear Carin,

I can imagine how you are feeling.I lost my brother when he was 30 by Malaria. Still today , 22 years later, we think at every Party(familiar) at him. Yes, the world went under but after some Time You'll can remem,ber all the nice things with your brother without being so extremly sad.
I wish you the power to go over this worse time.
Love Judith/Germany

Myggan sa...

Så hemskt och sorgligt! Jag antar att inga ord kan trösta just nu. En stor kram till dig och alla de andra i familjen!

Pernilla sa...

Jag känner med dig. Du har i alla fall glada minnen kvar.
Stor kram,

Tarnyia sa...

My heart goes out to you and I am sending you a huge hug... I have lost both my brothers one at 28yrs old 11 yrs ago and the other at 42yrs old 3 yrs ago... they always leave a huge hole in the family but are always with us xxxx

Sue B sa...

Such a sad story to tell, but he will live on forever for you in your heart.

frisky frog sa...

Det finns inga ord som tröstar... Sänder en stor kram och hoppas att du känner att jag tänker på dig.

Anonym sa...

my heart breaks for you,take care.xx