måndag 2 juli 2012

July already

but still waiting for the summer to arrive. So I've knitted another shawl, an Annis and this is my second one but in a very different yarn than before. The other one was knitted in a quite thick yarn of cotton and silk and this time I knitted in a lace yarn. I'm very pleased with this one too and it's really needed around my neck. Still waiting for the sun and warmth to come! Maybe if I repeat it often enogh it will come.

And have you seen such a sweetie that smells so lovely, but be aware of all the thorns!

This is the view I had when I left town the other day!                                                        

July Finishes

4 kommentarer:

katherine macwin sa...

Your scarf is beautiful!

Rosemary sa...

I love your shawl. I just bought more yarn to make another lace shawl too! I love to knit them!

Elizabeth sa...

Your shawl is just gorgeous! You did an amazing job. I especially like the details on the outer edge. I'll bet you look lovely wearing it! Congrats on a great finish and thank you for linking up!

xo -E

P.S. that flower is gorgeous!

Anonym sa...