måndag 5 augusti 2013

Friday Night With Friends - July

Friday evening my lovely friend Anita joined me and we got some stitching done in our knittings.
I started a new cardigan, HVIRVELSTRØM by Annette Danielsen. This is how far I got.
Before Anita came I managed do another hexie flower.

I bought a pocket book for a friends birthday last week and of course I had to make a book cover for it!
I'm linking up with Wendy over at Sugarlane Quilts and her Birthday Love Stash!

5 kommentarer:

Ullfull sa...

Tack för senast! Supermysigt! Du har hunnit långt på fina koftan!!/Kram

Quilting Chemist (Danette) sa...

Pretty pink hexie and I can't wait to see the sweater you're knitting!

Linda in Calif. sa...

Cute cover for the pocket book. Looks like you did very well, this past Friday Night.

retdairyqueen sa...

Love the colour in your hexie and your book cover is lovely

Jody Herbert sa...

A great FNSI - all your projects are lovely.