torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Tote Bag Swap

Do you remember I took part in a Secret Tote Bag Swap, and I sent mine to Lia who was the organizer of the swap.
My partner was Eszter from Hungary (no blog). And boy if I was overwhelmed when I opened the parcel from her!
First of all there was a beautiful bag, I love all the fabric she had put in it! AND she had made me a small pouch and a cute bird and a doll and a girl who is supposed to be filled with lavender, she didn't do it because of the customs but it was easily done by me.
I would never have thought about customs, do you when you send parcels overseas?
I guess I have to be a bit more specific when filling out the custom declarations from now on.
She had also enclosed the blue fabric that is handprinted and handdyed in Hungary. The card is from the area where she lives.
Thank you so very much Eszter, I love all of it!

Now it's that time of the month again, Friday Night With Friends, hosted by Cheryll so pop on over to her and sign up you too!
She's even making some cookies for us, Yum!

5 kommentarer:

Sooli sa...

That really was a good goodie bag! Customs can be tricky I find!

Liv Aagots Quilteblogg sa...

What a great gift you got, so many beautiful things :)

Myggan sa...

Vilken fin väska! Alltid spännande med byten, men jag har inte vågat än. =)

Melanie sa...

The tote bag swap was great. You got lovely gifts lucky you. I can't wait for the second round xxx

Anonym sa...

Härlig väska med så mycket fina saker!
Birgitta :-)