söndag 3 november 2013

FNwF - November

Where does time flies?
November already and this friday I joined Cheryll with all the other lovely ladies in the Friday Night with Friends and actually finished the quilting on my DDs quilt.
Yes, the one she asks about all the time. Sooon it will  be finished to deliver!
After that we went out for tapas at the local inn. Delicious as always!

Tonight I was invited to see a hockeygame at the new dome in town. I haven't been to a game for ages but tonight was quite fun when Växjö Lakers defeated Örebro with 7-0. Yay, way to go!

3 kommentarer:

Helen sa...

Well done on finishing the quilting, nice to hear you enjoyed the game :)

Anonym sa...

lovely bright fabrics you are quilting Carin.xx

Quilting Chemist (Danette) sa...

Sounds like you had a wonderful night and the quilt looks great!