torsdag 14 november 2013

For Ho-Ho-Whom will it be?

My first finish for November (that I can show you that is) is a cabled sweater for a small boy. I hope it fits him when the time comes because for now it goes in the Birthday stash. I haven't decided if it's going to be a Christmas gift or a birthday present early next year.
I'm linking this to the Birthday-Love Stash over at Wendy's. Excuse the poor indoor at night taken photo.
Wendy is also hosting the Friday Night Sew-In that takes place tomorrow. Pop over to see who else is taking part and you could join in too!
I'm very eager to be doing some sewing since I've been in bed all week long with a terrible cold and I always get very restless after a couple of days!
Perhaps I'll be seeing you!

3 kommentarer:

Chookyblue...... sa...

love the sweater.....great colour

Helen sa...

Love the colours and sweater looks great!!

Anonym sa...

What a beautiful sweater, The cable pattern looks amazing.