måndag 8 juni 2015

Friday Night with Friends and the rest of the weekend

Friday night I joined Cheryll in FNwF. Thank you Cheryll for hosting! To see what everyone else was doing, go HERE.
Over the weekend I've been making another small pouch made out of a block I've got in a swap in the QBSA.
The rest of the weekend I've been stitching on bindings, hanging sleeves and labels on two quilts.
They are ready for the yearly quilt show next weekend
I hope you can come for a visit and perhaps get a lottery ticket and win that gorgeous quilt in the picture. To read more about it , go HERE.

5 kommentarer:

Helen sa...

Another lovely pouch, thw binding looks great, good luck at the show !!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) sa...

Beautiful pouch, enjoy the quilt show.

Anthea sa...

The pouch is a great way to use an orphan quilt block Carin!

Cheryll sa...

I love this idea of using blocks I still have from QBSA. Thanks xox

Donna sa...

Looks like you were very productive.