fredag 5 juni 2015

Maja's challenge!

Today is the day to reveal what I made with the fabric I got from Maja.
I combined the multi coloured fabric with a red and a black one.

It was very hard to decide what to make with it, it's not the usual kind of fabric I choose. So it took some time, it wasn't until I got this pattern from Kerry in Australia I suddenly knew what to make from it.
It's a free tutorial from Mad Quilter and is called the Jewel bag.
 I think it turned out great! It's got an odd shape that I like. I usually don't  wear bags a lot but I think this will be a keeper this summer!
Thank you so much Maja for letting me be a part in this challenge, it's been great fun!!

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi Carin it's gorgeous,well done xx

Maja sa...

Den är jätteläcker Carin!!!
Så härlig!!!


Helen sa...

Wow Carin it looks great, well done !!

Maria sa...

WOW !!! thats great...

Smycka sa...

Den blev jättefin! =o)