tisdag 6 december 2016

The last FNwF for this year

As you know I joined Cheryll for the FNwF and as I'm in a knitting mood at the moment all I did was just that. Thank you Cheryll for a fun night!
These are the things I'm working on right now

 Vanten Lysa/Shine mittens and two Advent Mystery knits, Julevotten 2016 the pattern is in Norwegian and Kammebornia Advent mystery, a sock with the same designer as the Shine mittens.

Here is a pic from around 4 o'clock in the afternoon the other day

3 kommentarer:

FlashinScissors sa...

Such pretty knitting! Love the patterns.

Beautiful sunset!

Barbara x

Linda in Calif. sa...

Anytime you see a beautiful sky like that a photo is required! Thanks for sharing with us. Nice work on those socks. I have no idea how you do it, but it must be fun to create something so pretty.

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