lördag 23 mars 2013

FNSI - March

I know I should be working on my North pole quilt, but earlier this week I started this mini, and since Easter is before Christmas this is what I was working on yesterday. Now the question is, should I frame it like this
Or should I keep it simple like this.
Please give me some feedback!
This week I've also been testing a pattern for Kristy @ Quiet Play. She is making such beautiful patterns!
Well that's for now!

4 kommentarer:

Val Spiers sa...

The busy border does draw your eye away from the cute elements in the wall hanging. Do you have one colour like purple or yellow to frame it with. I suppose even a dark picture frame would look good. Love the chair .

Fiona sa...

I like it framed, it's very cute....

wish2stitch sa...

Hmmm.....I like the frame, nice and bright. But I think I prefer without because your beautiful stitching stands out more. I agree with Val, less busy won't draw your eye away so much.

Anonym sa...

lovely work Carin and i love it framed with the colours,just beautiful,well done.xx