lördag 9 mars 2013

New bird in the nest!

Today I've been celebrating my dear friend K's birthday! I made her this Cockatoo Mug Rug.
She was delighted receiving it, she used to have two real ones years ago.
The pattern is a free one and can be found over at Val's blog.

Often when I'm sitting on the couch working I have someone in my lap trying to help (she isn't, but don't tell her that). She is 16 years old and does whatever she likes.

In younger days she didn't say much but nowadays she's screaming coming in through the door and screaming when she wants us to sit on the couch with her. She wasn't that social at all when she was younger.

4 kommentarer:

Val Spiers sa...

What a lovely surprise to see that the bird is Cockatoo Mug Rug. You have made him look great. Hope your friend likes him.
Your cat is such a silky black. Funny that he talks so much now. Our Stumpy is also a real talker. It is nice to have them help with the sewing :)

Fiona sa...

love the cockatoo mug rug... just perfect...

Myggan sa...

Vilken fin fågel! Och vilken fin katt du har. Har hört att de svarta inte fäller så mycket. Stämmer det?
Min gamla katta har också blivit kelsjuk på gamla dar. Från att bara på nåder har blivit klappad förut har hon nu övergått till att vilja vara i knät hela tiden. Dessutom kan hon numera tänka sig att busa lite med de andra katterna. =)

Sooli sa...

We had a black cat too who lived to be 21 and her miaow changed dramatically when she got older too. It was an awful noise! Love your cocky mug rug, well done!