söndag 3 mars 2013

Mug bag

This is what I've been doing today!
I found the pattern over at Red Brolly's but didn't put a butterfly on.
As you can see we did have sun here today so there is lots of shadows in the picture.

Now I'm ready to meet my friends tomorrow!

Why is it so boring to block what one have knitted? My cardigan has been finished (almost) for at least a week and it's not until tonight I've blocked it. I would have liked to wear it tomorrow but that's not gonna happen, because it's still very damp.
What should I learn from that?

5 kommentarer:

Tracee Perry sa...

I love the fabric that you have used it suits this bag perfectly.

Sue B sa...

Great bag - well done

made by ChrissieD sa...

This is a great gift idea and I like you fabric choice :)

Val Spiers sa...

I love the bag. Your fabrics are perfect. I am off to use this pattern to make something with my own twist. Thanks for the link.

Anonym sa...

love this,well done.xx