söndag 15 december 2013

About Lucia!

Lucia is traditionally celebrated in Sweden on the 13th of December.
Originally it coincided with the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere when it was on the 13th. Early popular belief believed it was a dangerous night, with the animals being able to talk. All Christmas preparations sholuld be finished before this day and was celebrated by eating and drinking some extra. Even the animals was fed a bit more than usual.

The tradition with Lucia as we celebrate it today started around early 1900.
Lucia, with candles in her hair, and her followers singing comes with light when it's the darkest in the year usually offering the people lussekatter and gingerbread biscuits.
Lussekatter is a form of a bun with saffron in it, only eaten around Lucia and Christmas. The buns could be made in a lot of different variations where the lussekatt is the most common.

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Catherine sa...

Thanks so much for sharing ~ I love reading of the traditions in other parts of the world!

Sooli sa...

Thanks for sharing Carin. So interesting to hear of traditions from other countries. Being Lucia looks like a dangerous occupation with all those candles alight on your head though!

Pinnylea Creations sa...

Thank you for sharing some of your traditions.