söndag 15 december 2013


I know Lucia was on Friday but I never got around to do a post.
I didn't celebrate very much but as usual I found Lucia and her little helper in the cabinet to take out, they will stay with us over the Christmas.
The candle I light every morning, it starts on the 1st of December until the 24th of December. Have to keep an eye on it so it's not lit for to long , wouldn't want to miss out on the next day.
On Friday I also baked Lussekatter and today we had a delicious afternoon tea.

4 kommentarer:

debbie sa...

I don't know what Lussekatter is,
but it looks delicious!! xx debbie

Helen sa...

Same here but it looks like a beautiful tradition !

Sooli sa...

I haven't heard of Lucia, is it a tradition found only in your country? Could you share a little about it? I like the look of the lussekatter, not sure what's in it but it looks tasty!

Ullfull sa...

Mysigt! Vilken fin kopp!!/Kram