lördag 12 juli 2014

A week late

I was supposed to post this a week ago but I'm having BIG issues with my computer. This is the first time it really starts when I try to switch it on. I guess I have to get a new one!
And I needed to write a post about the FNwF I joined in last friday night. Thanks Cheryll for organizing us all!
I started the night with making another bottle bag to give to a friend on her birthday. It was well received!

For the rest of the night I was working on two 12" blocks for a swap with Kerry in the QBSA.
You just get to see a sneak peek of them, I don't want to spoil the surprise for  Kerry. It's the Scrapbagger and Goose creek block.

And last a photo of my Honeysuckle, it smells divine!

2 kommentarer:

frisky frog sa...

Så praktiskt och snyggt med en flaskväska! När jag ser stilstudierna på din sömnad förstår jag varför jag inte blir nöjd med min egen lappteknink. Din a "kryss" och tygmöten rä ju klockrena - det blir inte mina.
Må så gott i sommarvärmen!

Helen sa...

The bottle bag looks great !