måndag 14 juli 2014


This last week it has really been summer with temperatures up to 30 deg. and sun all day long!
As you may know I'm in the 12 inch Mini club hosted by Cheryll, and the theme now was summer. I sent to Florence and she has received it and tells me she loves it, lucky for me!
This is what was in the package.
Now I'm waiting for mine to arrive, excited to see who it is from!

7 kommentarer:

frisky frog sa...

Åh så söt! Ingen syse,ester där inte. =)

Anonym sa...

Oh it's Gorgeous,well done.xx

wish2stitch sa...

Your mini is so cute and reminds me of summer. A distant memory at the moment in Australia.

FloS sa...

I love it !!! So cute ! Thank you very much Carin !

Farm Gate Creations sa...

What a perfect summer mini..well done.

Sandra sa...

Beautiful mini, I long for summer

Jenny Watson sa...

Looking just amazing. I just want to say there is no doubt you are doing very hard work. Just keep up the good work.

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