tisdag 1 juli 2014

Where did June go?

I don't understand where the time flies?
It's the first and then it's the last day of the month again, nothing in the between it seems.
I'm knitting a lot but no photos yet, have to get a decent photographer to come and visit because when I ask my sons to do it they just snap a pic and wants to get on with whatever they are doing. Usually it's working on their cars so I don't want to be too close to them, avoiding to get any stains on my work. That's why I dont have anything knitted to show you.

But I was in a Mug Rug swap some time ago and was partnered with Michelle from the US. And boy was she spoiling me with theese beautiful mug rugs along with patterns, fabrics, needle case and a fridge magnet! Thank you so much Michelle I love it all!

This is what I sent to her, the two mug rugs, some fabrics with a ribbon and a pin cushion and a chocolate bar.

 Here you can see the pin cushion a bit better...... I think I need to make one for myself! Because the bird pin cushion I made for me flied away to live with my daughter.

5 kommentarer:

frisky frog sa...

Vilka fina grejer! Jag håller med om tiden. Vart sjutton tar den vägen? Jag försöker spida upp den lediga tiden för att hinna mer, men man vill ju slappa lite också. Jag hoppas att du lutar dig tillbaka och njuter lite också.

Lynn sa...

Wow! Everything is so beautiful.

Sooli sa...

What lovely goodies went in both directions!

Helen sa...

Gorgeous gifts both ways, love the pin cushion !!!

Sheryl S. sa...

Love the mug rugs