söndag 22 november 2015


Friday night I joined Wendy in the Friday Night Sew-In and made some secret sewing for a few swaps I'm in.
If you want to see what others that signed up for FNSI made, you can go HERE. Thank you Wendy for hosting!

I continued over the weekend and also finished this small pouch.

Sooli asked me what the Snenesserally was that I talked about in my last post .
It's a kind of Pay It Forward /Give away for people in Sweden that want to sew a small pouch out of a pattern that is named Snenesse. If you win the give away you get some fabric you can use or mix it up with fabric from your own stash, when finished you have to fill up the fabric and have your own give away. And so it goes on and on! If you're interested in the give away go to the post HERE to make a comment.

3 kommentarer:

frisky frog sa...

Finfina - särskilt "vedkassarna" (du vet ju att jag är svag för trä). =)
Jag har några meter av vedtyget jag också, men jag är liksom lite snål med det...

Cath sa...

cute pouch! Enjoy sewing your secret stuff.

Anonym sa...

Hi Carin what a lovely idea and I love your pouch,well done my friend xx