fredag 20 november 2015

Photos! and Snenesserally again with a Give away!

I'm back at a computer, so hopefully everything will work out this time!
First out is the cushions for my DS#2 I mentioned last time. He works at a sawmill so I thought this fabric would be nice for him!
There's two large cushions and one even bigger which keeps a bed cover he can use when he has a visitor.

Then after that my DS#1 had his birthday, there's only one week between their special days. This year I made him a toilet case, which he thinks he doesn't need.
It's made out of old jeans and this nice fabric with cars that he liked!

I won the "Snenesserally" again and got these lovely fabrics from Christina 

and this was the start of my snenesse, I won't show you the result today because now it's time for me to pass this GIVE AWAY on.
Sorry but this is only for my Swedish readers!
Here is the fabric I will pass on to the one who wins the give away.
And if you win you have to sew your own Snenesse, you can use the fabric you get or mix it up with fabric from your stash but in the end you have to fill it up with as much fabric as you get and have your own give away.

It sounds fun, right!
So go ahead and make a comment on this post if you want to win the rally and keep it going!

I will draw a winner next Friday evening and also show you the result of my own Snenesse!

Tonight is the FNSI hosted by Wendy

I have a lot of secret sewing to finish.
So better get on with it!

2 kommentarer:

Sooli sa...

I'm not commenting for the competition but wanted to ask what Snenesserally is?! Love your fabric you chose for the cushions, perfect choice!

annemarlen sa...

Jag anmäler mitt intresse för att Snerallyt ska gå vidare.
Ser fram emot att få se din färdiga nesse som jag tror blir färgglad o fin.