måndag 9 november 2015


Hi, do you remember me? Life has been so hectic and time is flying, so I haven't had any energy to make a post. But now I'm back!
Today I'm using my Ipad to write this so hopefully it will work out ok.
For FNwF I made three cushions for my DS#2, he has recently got a job and moved away, and his birthday was on Saturday. I don't seem to be able to upload any photos so I guess you have to wait til next time to see them. Sorry about that!
Thanks Cheryll for organising us all! If you want to see what everyone
else was working  on go HERE.
See you soon!

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi Carin,yes i remember you,lol,looking forward to seeing the cushions xx

Helen sa...

Well done on your post..lol...will look forward to the photos of the cushions when you are able to. Computers can be more troublesome than worth sometimes.

Linda in Calif. sa...

Hey Carin. I bet your son is so happy with the cushions. And you'll figure out how to post those pictures. (I just now learned to post from my iphone - silly that it's taken me this long.)

wish2stitch sa...

Glad you got to join in. Look forward to seeing your cushions. I have trouble using my iPad to post as well. Looking for a good app to do this.

Yvonne W sa...

Lucky son to have the cushions made for him by his mum. Don't worry about the photos-- main thing is you joined in and enjoyed the sewing.

Sooli sa...

My year has been a bit like yours by the sound of it, its disappearing before my eyes! Glad you got some stitching done, I'm sure it was lovely!