söndag 18 november 2012

FNSI-report November

This is the only thing I made for FNSI - the start of a piano border for my mothers quilt. I do hope it will be finished for Christmas.
Well I guess if I focus on that, then it will.

fredag 16 november 2012

I love it!

When I find a squishy parcel in my mailbox, that is.
The other week I got one from Sue, a beautiful cushion which was my PIF gift from her.
It's a beautiful cushion and it goes so well with my sofa!  She also sent me a lovely fabric and card, I have never seen one like it before.
I was also partnered with her in the Quilting block swaps Australia and got this beautiful block.
And this is the block I made for Sue. Since she has already got it I know that she likes it!
Thank you so much Sue for all the lovely things!


Don't forget to sign up for the Friday Night Sew-in tomorrow night! (I almost did)
Click on the picture and you'll get there.
Handmade by Heidi

lördag 3 november 2012

Last night

was Friday night with Friends held by Cheryll. This is how far I got with my SILs birthday present. She's a great cat lover. It's the start for a cushion.
After that I plunged in the sofa and knitted some rows on my Boxy.  It takes time but I'm getting there, soon I hope.