måndag 24 november 2014

Working hard

Friday night I spent with Wendy for the FNSI. Thanks Wendy for having us all over!
At the moment I'm working hard on the cross-stitch.
I've done some more work after the photo was taken so there's only the numbers left....and ....the dreaded back stitches, I find them so boring to do on cross-stitches but I know they make a lot of difference in the picture. One more week until I have to deliver it.

måndag 10 november 2014


There was 47 of us gathering over at Cheryll's Friday night. Check out what everyone else was making HERE.
I started in the afternoon and actually finished this toilet case for my DS2 who had his birthday on Friday, but he didn't come home from school until Saturday afternoon because there was an open day for the public on Saturday. The case is made out of his old jeans.
Earlier in the week I gave away 3 scarves I've knitted in a strange pom-pom yarn, to the annual church auction. I hope there will be quite a few that likes and bid a lot at them.

torsdag 6 november 2014

Mini from Lynn

I got my last Mini for the year a couple of weeks ago and finally you can see it here!
Lynn made it for me and it is beautiful!
It came along with a sweet card and a bag with gift tags and bag toppers she had designed and printed herself. Go check it out HERE and you can print out your owns, she has also made an owly Christmassy gift tag that are super cute!
Thank you so much Lynn, I love it all!
And a big Thank you to Cheryll for organising a great swap for us!

It's sign up time for FNwF over at Cheryll's. Yes it's the greatest swap mama I just told you about. Go there and sign up for it you too and play along with the rest of us on Friday night!