torsdag 31 januari 2013

It`s on again!

 I`ve been longing for this, cause I missed out last time.
Why don`t you join in on the fun too over at Cheryll`s.

I am going to work on the house of Mr. and Mrs Claus and then I need a new knitting.
See ya!


I`ve been test knitting this beautiful shawl, Euphoria, for Medea.
It`s actually more of a shawlette.
  Kind like a gem around the neck!
I think she will be out with the pattern soon.

onsdag 30 januari 2013

Fabrics for the North Pole

You know I joined the QAL for Welcome to the North Pole over at Val`s blog.
All I have done this far is gathering some fabrics for the project.

At least it is something to begin with.

The block I am going to start working on is Mr. and Mrs. Claus House. That is the one to the left in the bottom row.

I am going to use the blues for the background so have to get some more that are a bit darker.

I am linking this to Val`s QAL!

tisdag 29 januari 2013

My blanket!

Finally, my crocheted blanket is finished.
I started it in the summer of 2010 when visiting my daughter when she was working in Crete.
And now it is finished and I am so pleased with it!
There is 234 squares in the blanket. Phew!
I have used Delight, a sockyarn from Garnstudio. It is much better for blankets than socks I think.
I have taken the photos outside in the snow to get all the light I could in the photos.
 My DS1 says it has holes in it so it can`t be warm, so it is all mine in the sofa.
Did I tell you how pleased I am!

Pay it Forward

In November I got a beautful cushion from Sue as my PiF gift from her.
Now it`s my turn to pay it forward.

If you want to be the recipient of my PiF gift this year, all you have to do is to be one of the three first people to leave a comment on this blog post, and I will send you a handmade gift within the next 12 months.
What you have to do in return is to pay it forward to another three people.
And so it goes on and on!

The good thing is I will send it all over the world!

söndag 27 januari 2013

Going to the North Pole!

It seems like ages since I last wrote something here on the blog. But here I go again!

I found this QAL over at Val`s blog and had to order the book for it, Welcome to the North Pole.
So next Christmas I will have this beautiful quilt to hang.