torsdag 28 mars 2013

Happy Easter to everyone!

I managed to finish the mini now called Happy Bunny Easter! as I've entered it to the Quilters' Show & Tell at the Quilting Gallery.
If you fancy it, please go there and Vote for me or any other of your liking! You can vote from friday til monday.
There's usually a giveaway you can enter too.

The Easter pattern is a free one found over at Red Brolly!

Now I hope you'll have a happy and restful Easter,
and lots of time to do what you like the most!

lördag 23 mars 2013

FNSI - March

I know I should be working on my North pole quilt, but earlier this week I started this mini, and since Easter is before Christmas this is what I was working on yesterday. Now the question is, should I frame it like this
Or should I keep it simple like this.
Please give me some feedback!
This week I've also been testing a pattern for Kristy @ Quiet Play. She is making such beautiful patterns!
Well that's for now!

fredag 22 mars 2013

Time flies

It's already the third friday in March, so it's time for this

And you can sign up over at Heidi's.

Join in for some fun!

tisdag 19 mars 2013


Today I got my green Mini from Manuela in Portugal.

It's for a swap held by Cheryll, a great swap Mama with a lot of fun swaps!

Thankyou Manuela, I really love this one, it lightens up my kitchen!

The Mini I sent, as seen in the previous post, was for Danette.
 I'm so glad she liked it!

söndag 17 mars 2013

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Happy St Paddy's Day to all of you, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

 This is the 12 inch MiNi I made for the swap over at Cheryll's and I sent it off to ... . 
Well I won't tell you before I'm sure she's got it. 

I haven't got mine yet, but hopefully it will arrive on Monday.

lördag 9 mars 2013

New bird in the nest!

Today I've been celebrating my dear friend K's birthday! I made her this Cockatoo Mug Rug.
She was delighted receiving it, she used to have two real ones years ago.
The pattern is a free one and can be found over at Val's blog.

Often when I'm sitting on the couch working I have someone in my lap trying to help (she isn't, but don't tell her that). She is 16 years old and does whatever she likes.

In younger days she didn't say much but nowadays she's screaming coming in through the door and screaming when she wants us to sit on the couch with her. She wasn't that social at all when she was younger.

söndag 3 mars 2013

Mug bag

This is what I've been doing today!
I found the pattern over at Red Brolly's but didn't put a butterfly on.
As you can see we did have sun here today so there is lots of shadows in the picture.

Now I'm ready to meet my friends tomorrow!

Why is it so boring to block what one have knitted? My cardigan has been finished (almost) for at least a week and it's not until tonight I've blocked it. I would have liked to wear it tomorrow but that's not gonna happen, because it's still very damp.
What should I learn from that?

lördag 2 mars 2013

Friday Night with Friends - March

This time I actually managed to finish this cushion I started yesterday. It's for Casper as you can see, he turns 2 and likes tractors.
He also has a faiblesse for beaded bracelets, so perhaps I'll make one for him also. His mum told me that he has to have a bracelet with him when he goes to bed . He puts it on his cheek when going to sleep. So cute!
This week I ordered some fabric, as if I needed it!
 I'm going to use them for a mug bag, and the blues I needed for my North Pole quilt.