torsdag 31 december 2015

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

In this swap organised by the lovely Chooky I was partnered with Kate and when I got the parcels from her I was allowed to open the ornament, just look at this cute rein deer!
Let me introduce Rudolf, you can see him hanging in the tree HERE
On Christmas day I could open the main gift, Oh, inside was this beautiful wall hanger!
Thank you very much Kate, I love it! And Thank you also to Chooky for organising another great swap!

In this swap I sent to Cheryll, and here is the ornament I made for her, a Snowman
And the main gift, a Wall hanger with snowmen

Santa Sack Swap

I was partnered with Maria in this years Santa Sack Swap organised by the lovely Cheryll.
Maria sent me the most lovely gifts, look at all this gorgeousness
Christmas Wishes to all - a beautiful wall hanger

two very sweet tree ornaments, the ones with a heart and a snowman -
the Rudolf I'll tell you about tomorrow
 This beautiful table runner - I love, love, love it!
 Here are all the gifts together, the table runner, wall hanging, tree ornaments, a tea towel with Christmas trees on, chocolate and 4 FQs with Australian birds, animals and plants. Oh, I forgot to include these two sweet mug rugs, they've been in constant use since I got them.
Thank you so much Maria, I loved having you as my partner! And also a big Thank you to Cheryll!

This is what I sent to Maria - a bag with Dalahorses fabric, a set of coasters, 2 zippered window pouches, a small pouch, 1 mtr fabric and a table centre
and here's a close up of the table centre

måndag 21 december 2015

FNSI and a swap

I signed up for the very last FNSI for 2015 over at Wendy's. Many thanks to Wendy for organising us all once a month, I look forward to continue next year.
I can't show anything of what I was working on.
But over on Instagram I'm in a Scandibeehive2 and we had a swap for a pincushion and I made one for Anne-Mette, @annemettesoaser on IG and since she has received it I can show it to you.

She liked it and I think I have to make one for myself, so it couldn't be better!

Since it's already Monday I'm also linking to Bambisyr

tisdag 8 december 2015


The last Friday Night with Friends for the year is over.
I was working on this shawlette and if I keep on perhaps I'll wear it for Christmas, at least it's the right colour.
I had to unknit a few rows but now I'm on the road again.
Thanks Cheryll for inviting us all, I hope I'll see you again next year!

måndag 30 november 2015

A Birthday gift

My nephew had his birthday and I felt like giving him something handmade. I'm not sure it's what he expected, he turned 24 and it's all about hunting and fishing for him. But he said thanks and looked all happy about it!
This is the tablerunner I made for him, I might even make another one for me.

Since it's Monday I'm linking to Bambisyr.

söndag 29 november 2015

We have a winner!

The winner in the Snenesserally is Anne-Marlen!
This is the fabric she is going to use when sewing her own pouch.

This is what mine looks like.

Anne-Marlen is actually the one who started the rally,
and if you go HERE you can see a lot of other snenesse pouches.
It's a very fun pouch to make, I've made several during last year. It's a free pattern from Anette, thank you very much!

Now it's over to you Anne-Marlen!

söndag 22 november 2015


Friday night I joined Wendy in the Friday Night Sew-In and made some secret sewing for a few swaps I'm in.
If you want to see what others that signed up for FNSI made, you can go HERE. Thank you Wendy for hosting!

I continued over the weekend and also finished this small pouch.

Sooli asked me what the Snenesserally was that I talked about in my last post .
It's a kind of Pay It Forward /Give away for people in Sweden that want to sew a small pouch out of a pattern that is named Snenesse. If you win the give away you get some fabric you can use or mix it up with fabric from your own stash, when finished you have to fill up the fabric and have your own give away. And so it goes on and on! If you're interested in the give away go to the post HERE to make a comment.

fredag 20 november 2015

Photos! and Snenesserally again with a Give away!

I'm back at a computer, so hopefully everything will work out this time!
First out is the cushions for my DS#2 I mentioned last time. He works at a sawmill so I thought this fabric would be nice for him!
There's two large cushions and one even bigger which keeps a bed cover he can use when he has a visitor.

Then after that my DS#1 had his birthday, there's only one week between their special days. This year I made him a toilet case, which he thinks he doesn't need.
It's made out of old jeans and this nice fabric with cars that he liked!

I won the "Snenesserally" again and got these lovely fabrics from Christina 

and this was the start of my snenesse, I won't show you the result today because now it's time for me to pass this GIVE AWAY on.
Sorry but this is only for my Swedish readers!
Here is the fabric I will pass on to the one who wins the give away.
And if you win you have to sew your own Snenesse, you can use the fabric you get or mix it up with fabric from your stash but in the end you have to fill it up with as much fabric as you get and have your own give away.

It sounds fun, right!
So go ahead and make a comment on this post if you want to win the rally and keep it going!

I will draw a winner next Friday evening and also show you the result of my own Snenesse!

Tonight is the FNSI hosted by Wendy

I have a lot of secret sewing to finish.
So better get on with it!

måndag 9 november 2015


Hi, do you remember me? Life has been so hectic and time is flying, so I haven't had any energy to make a post. But now I'm back!
Today I'm using my Ipad to write this so hopefully it will work out ok.
For FNwF I made three cushions for my DS#2, he has recently got a job and moved away, and his birthday was on Saturday. I don't seem to be able to upload any photos so I guess you have to wait til next time to see them. Sorry about that!
Thanks Cheryll for organising us all! If you want to see what everyone
else was working  on go HERE.
See you soon!

måndag 7 september 2015

FNwF and a Hexiebowl

Friday Night with Friends I spent with Cheryll and a bunch of other lovely ladies. Thanks Cheryll for having us all over, I had the best of times! HERE you can see what everyone was working on.
I was working on this little Hexie bowl, a pattern I've been trying out for Rachael.
I think it looks very sweet and was a fun project to make. Here it's filled with some chocolate!
Since it's already turned into Monday I'll be linking to Bambi

söndag 9 augusti 2015


My Friday Night with Friends I spent with Cheryll and a Lot of cyber friends! Thank you Cheryll for organising us all!
My Peipponen shawl was blocked and ready and the next one is ready to be blocked!
And tonight I started a new pouch for a friend before I went for a great party at my neighbors. They are Germans celebrating having a summer house in Sweden for 25 years!

fredag 31 juli 2015

Let's Book It - July 2015

I've been away for a couple of days, visiting a friend who has moved away. Of course I had to sew something for her and her new home!
This is what I came up with
a tablerunner in her favorite colour! The pattern I found in this book - Sy med lappar.

In the book it's a pattern for a cushion but I made it a bit bigger, and from the scraps I made some mugrugs to go with the runner.

Today I'm linking to Vroomans Quilts and 
her Let's Book It challenge.
It feels so good to use some of all the books I have!