torsdag 28 februari 2013

OPAM - finishes

My finishes for January and February is The Blanket, a shawlette and a small bag.

Not a lot, but I do have a few things that`s almost finished. So for March I`ll have a few more finishes I hope.
If this post looks a bit wonky, I blame it all on Blogger because I can`t put the pictures or write where I want.                          Tomorrow is the FnwF over at Cheryll`s! So pop over to her and sign up you too.                             I`ll stop here for now because this wasn`t any fun to write today and not be able to put the lines where I want.   In the end I guess it`s my fault somehow and not Mr.Blogger`s.  

söndag 24 februari 2013

FNSI - February

On Friday Night Sew In I worked on a mini for a swap.
It`s finished, just need to put a label on at the back. You just get a sneek peek because I don`t want to spoil the surprise!
I think it would look good on my wall too!
I also made progress on my Tea leaves cardigan. Only thing left to do is the front edges and to find some buttons for it.

fredag 22 februari 2013


It`s a bit of a short notice, but I`ve got my things ready.
 I signed up for a swap over at Cheryll`s and am going to work on a mini for St. Patrick`s day!
So pop over to Heidi`s and sign up for the Friday night sew in you too!

onsdag 20 februari 2013

Hip Hooray!

This is what I made for my cousins birthday. A small bag where she can keep all the necessities she needs.
I put her name on it even if it isn`t too obvious. And she said she liked it, lucky me!

måndag 18 februari 2013

Taking the pledge!

I saw this over at Cheryll`s blog last month and should have written this post then, but here it is at last anyway.
    I,  Carin will try my utmost...
·        To always swap on time.
·        To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
·        To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
·        To give my partner the quality of gift that I would like to receive.
·        To communicate when it’s required.
·        To NEVER over commit and let a partner down.   
          To advise the swap mama when I receive my gift.

tisdag 12 februari 2013

Tuesday Treasures

I treasure my thimbles I`ve collected from around the world, or mostly from Europe that is.
I like how they remind me of a place I`ve been to and the connection there is to my fascination for all things sewn.
I am linking this to Melody and her Tuesday Treasures! And while you are there be sure to check out what other people treasure.

måndag 11 februari 2013

The North Pole - February

Their house is finished.
 Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and as you can see there is a lot going on in there as all the windows are lit! The only thing left is to put their names over the door.
And of course they will need a door knob.
It looks like the trees have been growing in a very strong wind.

I`ve also done most of the Reindeer and trees. I`m not sure what to do about the antlers but perhaps I`ll go with Fiona`s idea.
I don`t know what it looks like but not a reindeer anyway!
Perhaps the antlers and an eye will do it.

I`ve also started a new knitting, a Tea leaves cardigan.
It`s a rather fast knitting using 4 mm needles and a lovely yarn with
wool and cashmere in it.
It`s a top down cardy. I like that because you can try it on along the way!

måndag 4 februari 2013

Valentine Heart

I`ve tested a pattern for Juliet at Tartankiwi. It`s a foundation paper pieced block called Concentric Heart Pattern.
The fabric in the middle of the heart is called Poppy something, it`s a favourite fabric for me, bought perhaps 2 years ago but I don`t know the designer. Anyone else who knows?
I think it turned out great and would be perfect for a Valentine gift. I`m not sure though what to make of the block yet.
 Check out the other testers block, Angelas beautiful heart here, and ChrissieD`s stunning heart here.
Be sure to check out the free pattern!

FNWF - February

It`s been a really hectic weekend with a lovely weather. But now the forecast tells us about more snow and even rain, brr.
But friday night I spent with my blogging friends at Friday Night with Friends.
This is how far I got on my first house for the North Pole.
This pillow case I got from my DD as a gift, just because.
For those of you who don`t speak swedish it says THE WORLDS BEST MUM.
Sometimes your heart just melts!