lördag 21 februari 2015


Friday night I was sewing with Wendy and lots of other gals during the FNSI. Thank you Wendy for having us all over, the bikkies were great! Do go check out what everyone else was doing!

For Christmas I made my DM a cushion for her kitchen sofa, she liked it so much so I was going to make her another. It all went well, or so I thought, until I was going to sew the six disappering four patches together. SIGH! yes a very big sigh!
Do you see my mistake?
The two blocks on the left I had cut previously and I DID measure before I cut the rest of them, BUT not good enough obviously! So I stopped there and didn't even have any energy left for my knitting. I hope I have fabric enough to make four new ones.
This is the cushion I made for Mum before.

måndag 9 februari 2015


Friday night I met with blogging friends in the cyber world, all THANKS to Cheryll!
Check out what everyone else was doing HERE!

I was working on a block for a friend in the QBSA. I won't show more because I want it to be at least a tiny bit of surprice. And I guess it will be because it turned out to be more than 13" so I have to make it again.

Today we've had the pleasure to see the sun and when I found a place away from the very cold wind I could feel the sun warming up my face. I guess there's hope of spring coming, at least the sun along with hard winds are melting the snow away.
Let's just hope we won't get any more snow this season!