fredag 28 juni 2013

A long way!

You know my give away the other week was won by Sooli. So the package went all the way to Australia!
I did tuck a little pincushion inside the package, so it almost looked like a ball.
It has now arrived at Sooli's house and she did tell me that she likes the owlpincushion. I see now that the photo looks a bit odd, but there it is.

Bag swap

I'm taking part in a Secret Tote Bag Swap over at Lia's.
Secret Tote Bag Swap This is what I'm sending to my secret partner.
It has the colours she likes so I hope she will like this bag. I also made her a small bag to either keep the bag in in another bag, or keep small things in it inside the large bag. Am I even making sense with that sentence?
Anyway, I do hope she'll like it!

fredag 21 juni 2013

Happy midsummer!

There were sun in the morning but after that it has been pouring with rain. Now it looks as the sun is coming back, but I'm just waiting for the thunderstorm because it looks like very dark clouds in the sky. And I can feel it in my head!
Here's a pic of my may-pole I take out every year.

torsdag 20 juni 2013

Testing, testing...

I've been pattern testing two paper pieced patterns.
The first one is a beautiful swan for Juliet @ Tartankiwi
And the second one is a fun bumble bee for Kristy @ Quiet Play
They both went together smothly even if there were quite a few small pieces.

Thanks Ladies for letting me test out the patterns!

fredag 7 juni 2013

Give away - winner

Just a short post to give you the winner!
My daughter picked number eight to be the winner,
and that is................

                     SOOLI, fromSue's Quilty Bits and Bobs.

Congratulations Sooli, I will get the fabric for you in the post early next week!

torsdag 6 juni 2013


I have made some gift's for friends! First out is two small bags for Eva and Mona, and boy where they surprised to get them!
Then there's a pincushion for Marta. She wasn't expecting anything either, so a big surprise for her too!
I joined in on a Mother's Day Mini swap hosted by Cheryll, and after some issues with the post it arrived at my house. I was partnered with Wendy in Alabama and she made me this lovely mini! It's hanging in my kitchen right now.
Here's the one I sent her. She says that she loves it and that make me so happy!
Tomorrow it's Friday Night With Friends again! And Oh boy if I have a lot to do!
Pop over to Cheryll's and sign up you too!

A day out!

Yesterday my friend Caroline and I went to Karlshamn and fingerfärda a lovely shop with embroideries on wool and linen. They make all the patterns themselves.
I came home with a small kit for a Festis.
When I grew up that was a soft drink in a tetra and that's just the shape of this small bag.
This afternoon it was lovely to sit outside and start the embroidery.
Oh, and I do love this cushion! It's one of their new patterns.
borrowed from fingerfarda

I've also started on a new table runner.
Sometimes I make a lot of mess!

Don't forget about my Give away here! I will draw a winner this Friday.

lördag 1 juni 2013

Give Away!

I promised you a give away, and finally I've decided what to give away. There will be two prizes to choose from, either a yarn prize or a fabric prize. It's all up to you!
And this is what you could choose from
Yarn: 139 grams of a one thread wool yarn in grey/purple from Ullcentrum and 100 grams of a pale blue fingering sock yarn from Rellana.
Fabric: A layer cake of Quilt blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker for Moda.
Maybe I will put something else in too, just for the surprice!

You could get as many as 3 chances to win
1. Make a comment telling me if you'd like the yarn or the fabric.
2. Blog about the Give Away and then come back and tell me about it in a comment and again telling me if you want yarn or fabric.
3. Be a follower and tell me about it in another comment and also if you want yarn or fabric.

The give away will end on the 6th of June, Sweden's National day, and I will draw a winner the day after.
Be sure that there is a way to contact you if you should win.
I will send anywhere in the world.
That's it!
Good luck to everyone!