söndag 7 september 2014

Oh yes -

I'm back
after a long unintentional blog break because of the summer. It's been a very warm, nice and sunny summer. I've been outside as much as possible.
But this Friday I spent with Cheryll and lots of other friends because it was FNWF hosted by Cheryll. Go pay her a visit HERE and check out what all the others were doing!

This year I've become a bonus Nanna to the most wonderful little guy and my DD asked if I could make him an Advent calender and of course I will, so got ahead and ordered one and luckily it was in the mail on Thursday.

Here he is getting a big kiss by the dog!

So I started right away on Friday - I do hope it will be finished before December - this is what I accomplished Friday night.
At least I did square it up so it is a bit easier to see where the different stitches is supposed to be.