tisdag 28 februari 2017


I've joined Peg and Kris for OPAM
It's a great way to keep track of what I'm doing!

I've made another tablerunner, this one is for my SisIL

This coming Friday it is FNwF organised by the lovely Cheryll. You could join in too!
 I love this photo of my GS, he is trying to peek around me.

6 kommentarer:

Kaisievic sa...

Your grandson is very sweet and I am sure that your SIL is going to love the table runner.

kiwikid sa...

Beautiful table runner....your grandson is so cute!!

The Sloan Patch sa...

Lovely table runner...what a cutey

Cheryll sa...

Your GS is gorgeous... but of course you knew that.
Thanks for spreading the word about FNwF too.
Hope you made it... xox

2ne sa...

Nydelig løper :-D

Anonym sa...

i love the quilting on the table runner, and the shape of the bag.